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Irish Themed Slots You Can Spin Throughout The Year

Have you ever been lucky enough to experience any Irish good fortune? Many people have experienced this luck on the numerous Irish-themed slot games here at Rainbow Spins Casino. Online slots based on a country's interesting and mysterious mythology, such as the Irish and Leprechauns, are among the most famous. Is it because of the Irish style that so many people like playing these slot machines? Or is there more to it than that? 

Popular Irish Slots

Let us dive deep into the reasons for the phenomenal growth of Irish slots.

Tales of supernatural animals and captivating characters may be found in folklore all throughout the globe. People from all over the globe are interested in Ireland because of the abundance of these tales. Most people are familiar with these stories because of one certain character, the leprechaun, who has now become an iconic fictional figure.

In folklore, the leprechaun is depicted as an elf-like creature with green attire, a hat, and an orange beard. They are generally shown as lonesome, mischievous leprechauns in popular culture. There is a widespread belief that the leprechaun can grant wishes and store the treasures he finds in a pot under the rainbow. Thus, the rainbow quickly connected with Irish mythology, which then fell into the video slot machine world in more modern years.

Currently, leprechauns can be found in numerous Irish-themed online slots, such as Rainbow Riches and Luck of the Irish Megaways, to name just a few. Namely, the Rainbow Riches series from Barcrest all use the iconic design of rainbows and leprechauns. So it's no surprise to see that many Irish-themed slots now use rainbow symbols, vivid colours, rolling green hills, and pots of cash.

The popularity of these games never seems to disappear. There is just something endlessly entertaining about these bright and full-of-life slot games that continue to appeal to so many.

The Importance of St Patricks Day 

St. Patrick's Day, or the Feast of St. Patrick, as it is formally called, takes a special place in the hearts of Irish people everywhere, including everyone at Rainbow Spins Casino. Let’s look at the details surrounding this famous day that is celebrated worldwide, but firstly, where does it originate?

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have a public holiday celebrating the occasion, which has particular significance for the Irish people. St. Patrick's Day became a global commemoration of the Irish patron saint as the Irish migrated throughout the globe over the centuries. The 17th of March is designated as St. Patrick's Day and will forever be marked in the calendars of the Irish community as a day of celebration and entertainment.

The Best Slot Games for St Patrick’s Day

With all that in mind, we have decided to put together some of the best slot games you can play on St. Patrick’s Day. What better day to spin the reels and try to grab those cash prizes than the most famous of all Irish days? Luck is always needed when playing slot games, but for some, St. Patrick’s Day will be the perfect time to enjoy some slot entertainment. 

The top-rated slots at Rainbow Spin Casino are listed below, and all come complete with bright gameplay, many features, bundles of fun, and plenty of prize-winning opportunities.

As you can see, Rainbow Riches is mentioned a lot, and rightly so. This series is the most famous of all the Irish-theme slot games. First released in 2008, the original Rainbow Riches gave players the experience of simple gameplay and multiple bonus features. Now, the likes of Road to Riches, Wishing Well, and Pots of Gold bonus games are firmly placed in slot game folklore. We keep seeing brand new titles, and the Irish slots collection continues to grow from strength to strength. 

Luck O the Irish Megaways

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You will also notice the abundance of Megaways titles in the list. The combination of Irish themes and the Megaways feature just seems to work so perfectly well. The bright designs and the random Megaways gameplay go hand in hand. Slots such as Rainbow Riches Megaways and Luck O’The Irish Megaways attract players daily as they hunt for mystical leprechauns who lead the way to the precious pots of cash prizes.

Irish-themed slots are clearly a huge inspiration for everyone here at Rainbow Spins. It’s not hard to see that inspiration across the casino, from the site’s design through to the collection of games. We love the Irish theme, and long may we keep getting new Irish-themed slots. And there is one thing for certain: we will give those reels a few extra spins when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around!